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  • 06 Oct 2014 5:00 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)


    Karate International

     Wounded Warrior Kick-A-Thon




    As part of our giving back to the community

     we have chosen to support the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a Veteran's Service Organization that offers a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following the events of September 11, 2001.


    We are rescheduling our Ninja Parents Night Out Party from this upcoming weekend to Friday, September 19th from 6:00-9:00PM. When your child attends our night of the Ninja Party Parents Night Out you are helping The Wounded Warrior project.


    To attend the party is $20. Bring a friend and receive a FREE The Night of the Ninja Tee Shirt.  Your friend will receive a 30 Day VIP Pass and FREE Karate Uniform!


    On October 6th and 7th we will host a Karate Kick-A-Thon as part of the fundraiser. A check will be presented to the Wounded Warrior Foundation on October 25th.


    Hanshi Bowen


    Karate International Has Joined With The Wounded Warrior Project To Support Our Troops. If you bring a friend you get a FREE T-Shirt


  • 26 Sep 2014 4:43 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)

    Dear KI Student and Parents, 

    As part of our Wound Warrior Project support - Karate International participated in the Bull City Stand Down. The events is to help veterans in Durham got access to some vital services free of charge.


    Ninja Parents Night Out Party Friday, October 18th from 6:00-9:00PM. When your child attends our night of the Ninja Party Parents Night Out you are helping The Wounded Warrior project.


    To attend the party is $20. Bring a friend and receive a FREE The Night of the Ninja Tee Shirt.  Your friend will receive a 30 Day VIP Pass and FREE Karate Uniform!


    On October 13th and 14th we will host a Karate Kick-A-Thon as part of the fundraiser. A check will be presented to the Wounded Warrior Foundation on October 25th.


    Congratulation  to our New Black Belts and their families. Kaylee Carr and Pranav Damodaran

    • Kaylee and Pranav did an amazing job 3 hours of non-stop action test. Kaylee has been training for 4 years and Pranav has been training for 6 years.


    Special Events this weekend
    • 9:00 AM Mindfulness Class - Click Here to Register: Register
    • 10:00 FREE Zumba - Click Here to Register: Register 
    • 2:00 PM Janiris's Baby Shower at the dojo.

    WHERE:Karate International
    5324 New Hope Commons Dr
    Durham, NC 27707

    October Schedule

    • Starting in October Black Belt  & Masters Club Parents can training in our Zumba and mindfulness class for free.
    • October 13th and 14th we will host a Karate Kick-A-Thon
    • October 18th Ninja Parents Night Out Party 
    • October 25th Dojo Tournament
    To Your Success

     Visit our website for more details!
    www.kidurham.info can't wait to see you all!!
  • 16 Aug 2014 11:30 AM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)


    Karate International's Belt Rank and Tip Testing.

    Saturday August 16th


    There will be NO classes scheduled. TESTING ONLY

    -- 30-Day FREE VIP Summer Program --

    Invite a Friend to Try Karate International's

    30-day VIP Program for free!

    Simply mention the "Free Class" offer when they call, or register them from your Mobile App.

    Be one of the first 10 to invite a someone to attend our 30-day VIP Program and receive a $10 Star Bucks Gift card

    *Restrictions Apply: Must register for our 30-day FREE VIP program. 

  • 06 Aug 2014 4:48 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)


    Karate International

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

     Refer a Friend Win a Prize Contest


    We are excited for the new Teenage mutant Ninja Turtle Movie to premiere so in honor of the new movie we are hosting a contest for all our students to participate in!


    Starts: August 1, 2014

    Ends: August 31, 2014

    Drawing: September 6, 2014


    How to enter:

    All you have to do is bring a friend into the school and refer them or send us a referral through our mobile app, Karate International of Durham. Referrals sent in through the app have to be done through the TMNT Refer a friend win a prize referral program. If you bring a friend into the school encourage them to register for the free 30 day VIP program. You can also do referral in our office. All referrals must register for our free 30 day VIP program to count as a referral.



    Participants must be students or parents at Karate International. All mobile app referrals must contain the student’s name, referred parties name, and a valid phone number to reach the referred party at. Referrals must be new to Karate International.



    We have a variety of prizes for this contest and different ways to win them. Some of our prizes include:

    • o   Cash Prizes or Gift Cards
    • o   Free Frozen Yogurt
    • o   Bowling passes
    • o   TMNT Toys
    • o   Free Private Lessons
    • o   Uniforms
    • o   Weapons
    • o   TMNT Movie tickets
    • o   And much more!!

    3rd Place Winner: Refer 3 friends. Select one turtle head from the 3rd place wall.

     2nd Place: Refer 5 friends. Select one turtle head from the 2nd place wall.

    1st Place: Refer 7 friends. Select one turtle head from the 1st place wall.

    Grand Prize: Refer 10 or more friends and win the Grand Prize!

  • 22 Jul 2014 5:30 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)


    Meditation Technique for a Beginner


    In the fast and busy pace of life, we tend to lose focus on the more essential things. Because of the earthly needs that we are trying to meet, we tend to neglect the importance of internal peace. The lack of internal peace makes a person feel confused, exhausted and unfulfilled no matter how much achievements he has earned. This is the primary concern of meditation. It allows the person to watch the flow of his thoughts as he retires to the dictates of his senses, and more significantly, it provides new energy in the monotony of the daily routine.

    Meditation is something that needs to be a part of our everyday routine. In its simplest form, there is satisfaction and renewal of spirit to a more vigorous and active one. With the little time that meditation requires, you learn more about yourself. This understanding can even lead you to promising achievements especially in the field of socialization. While you learn to focus and concentrate, meditation gives a clearer sense of direction. 

    For beginners, here is a simple meditation technique that will nurture your consciousness to the realms that go beyond the scientific domain. This is the way out to convolution and exhaustion. In the continuous process of meditation, observe how it changes your life, perception and purpose.

    The first step in this meditation technique is to find a quiet and comfortable place to reflect on. Sit in a comfortable position. You can cross-leg on a carpet or sit in a chair. The exact position of meditation doesn’t matter, as long as this makes you feel relaxed and focused. Then gently close your eyes. This is an essential technique of shutting yourself from the world. Closing the eyes directs the attention to the internal awareness, the main goal of meditation. It is because the sense of seeing, greatly consumes the energy which in turn takes away the sense of focus. In other techniques, there are also open-eyed meditations. However, the efficacy of those can be low compared to closed-eyed meditations.

    Relax. This is another important factor when meditating. Watch the space and the darkness. Put your attention to the flow of your thoughts that passes your mind. Watch how these thoughts rise and fall. This time, your subconscious becomes more vibrant and aware. 

    Repeat the mantra. This will keep you focused. An effective mantra that goes along the internal consciousness is the Sanskrit Sloka, amaram hum madhuram hum. This means "I am immortal, I am blissful". The space which you are looking into is reined by the Knower. The Knower of the space is characterized by immortality and bliss. 

    After the meditation, rub your two hands and give warmth to your face. This will help you return to your other activities. Do this meditation for at least ten minutes, twice a day. Preferably, at the start and in the end of the day recharge your spirit through meditation. This is also helpful to alleviate your worries and get you ready to more challenges of life. 

    Jessie Bowen




    FREE Book Signing 1st 100 Copies!!!
    Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation Book





  • 24 Jun 2014 1:13 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)


    Four students of Karate International of Durham Martial Arts Competition Team together with their coach, Grand Master Jessie Bowen, recently returned from the World Karate Championship Tournament in Atlanta Georgia with (6) 1st place awards, and (2) 3rd place awards in tow. The Battle of Atlanta tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the country and has been held for 42 years.

    This year the tournament boasted competitors from around the world. The competition took place on June 20-21 in Atlanta Georgia and attracted over 1000 competitors.

    The Karate International Team participated in three different categories: Kumite (point fighting) and Kata (forms). The students have been attending intense training sessions in addition to weekly karate lessons for the last three months.

    Members of the local tournament team include: Jeff Koweek - brown belt, won three 1st place trophies. They were in forms, weapon forms and kumite. His son, Jason Koweek, who is 12 won third in the Kumite brown belt division. Adaire Thaxton won 1st place in the
    women's forms and kumite division. Donovan Polk won 1st place in forms, 2nd in weapons forms in the 16-17 boys division. Noah won 3rd place in the boys 12-13 boy's kumite.

    "Our competition team has worked really hard over the last 3
    months, and we've made great progress in preparing for the next level of competition," said Grand Master Jessie Bowen, who is a 10th degree black belt , former World Cup Karate Champion and former coach for Duke University's Collegiate Taekwondo Team.

    “We are very appreciative of the support, as well as the
    commitment of our parents to provide their children with this
    new experience,” he added. “We are always enthusiastic and eager to represent North Carolina and Karate International of Durham Martial Arts Academy of Durham, NC.”

    The Karate International of Durham Martial Arts Academy, located at 5324 New Hope Commons Dr. in Durham, NC, is focused on building character, respect for authority, and inner discipline in a safe and cooperative learning environment.

    The Academy offers affordable and convenient weekly classes for children, adults, seniors and advanced students. Self defense and summer camp programs are also available.

    Founder, and owner,Grandmaster Jessie Bowen has over 40 years of experience and earned Master rank under world renowned Grandmaster Jan Wellendorf. To learn more, visit www.kidurham.info or call 919-489-6100.

  • 08 Jun 2014 5:33 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)

    Dear Parents,

    When we think of summer camp and its benefits, we tend to focus on how camp benefits children.

    But did you know that summer camp is a great help to parents also, especially in urban areas?

    Here are some of the ways in which summer camps at Karate International help parents.

    1. You don't have to plan all the activities yourself.

    Even if you are a full-time, stay-at-home parent, figuring out how to keep your child occupied for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire 2 months of summer can be a daunting and scary task! Summer camps take this burden off your shoulders by designing activities to keep your child busy and entertained all summer long.

    2. You have peace of mind, knowing your child is in good hands.

    As a parent, you often wonder what your child is doing when they're not with you. And if you're using a childcare provider that you're not really certain about, you'll be doubly worried. But when your child is in a great summer camp like the one at Urban Martial Arts, you know that your child is being cared for by professionals. This gives you peace of mind. You can relax, knowing you don't have to worry about their safety.

    3. You can enjoy some "me" time.

    The rarest thing for parents with children to get is some quality personal time. It can get to the point where even enjoying a cup of coffee by yourself without children demanding your attention can begin to seem like a luxury! Summer camp gives you some desperately needed solo time to not only get some things done, but also to simply enjoy your own company for a change.

    4. You know your child is having fun and staying active. As awesome a parent as you are, you don't have all the resources that summer camps have at their disposal. The programming and activities your child will enjoy at a camp will far outpace what you could accomplish on your own. You can be satisfied with the knowledge that your child isn't sitting in front of a TV or computer screen all day long, but is having fun and staying active instead.

    5. You learn to let go a little.

    Sometimes parents can hover over their kids too much. (I'm guilty of this too!) This limits children and puts too much pressure on parents. When you send your child to summer camp, you're forcing yourself to back off a little and give your child some much-needed space. This not only teaches your child independence, but allows you room to adjust as well.

    Summer camp truly is a win-win situation for both children and parents. The kids get to have the time of their lives and parents get to enjoy a wealth of advantages like the ones listed in this article and more! Get Summer Camp Prices & Details 

    Karate International of Durham

  • 25 May 2014 3:42 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)

    What's New? Karate International's New Informational Mobile App

    What is a mobile app? A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

    Our goal is to keep our parents and students informed on the vital information to motive, educate, and informed on accelerating their success in their martial arts journey. Very similar to our member website from your cell phone or table you will be able to register for events, read our blog, invite your friends to our school, listen to our podcast, and much more.

    Visit us to find out just why Karate International of Durham is a winner in the Indy 2014 Best of the Triangle reader’s poll,“Best Martial Arts Studio in the Triangle” . 

    Download our official app to receive these great benefits! 

     Visit Home Page.

  • 25 May 2014 3:37 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)

    Karate International's New Website

    I would like to personally welcome you to our members website. This site is designed to help streamline our interaction with our members.   From this website you will be able to register online for Karate International's events, updated, online training, and much more.

    You will be able to login and edit your membership data including contact  information. Our members website is also design to support our Duke University Physical Education Classes.

    Mindfuness Meditation
    Mix Martial Arts

    In order to get started you must register for aKarate International Membership Account.  You can do with the Login Box on the right of the site.  When you create a new account it will not be active until our staff verify you as a member. 

    Our new website is design to provide information and educate consumers about the martial arts and what sets Karate International apart when it comes to leadership and personal development training. Over the next few month our student and parent will positive changes in our program and opportunities for family participation in our:

    ·         Karate classes, 

    ·        Aikido classes, 

    ·        Mindfulness classes, 

    ·        Cage fitness classes.

    You will have the opportunity to listen weekly to Hanshi Bowen's radio show" The power To Live Your Vision" and attend online personal development training telecoaching workshop.


Karate International of Durham
5324 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707

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