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The Karate International organization has been offering instruction and training in the martial arts to both children and adult students since 1957 and has been serving the Raleigh, Durham area for more than 35 years. With locations throughout the state of North Carolina, we are the largest martial arts organization in the state and one of the oldest in the country.

Founded by Dale Brooks and Jan Wellendorf, Karate International had its origin in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew to 6 schools before moving to North Carolina in 1974.

Dale Brooks, was a self-made man, multiple entrepreneur of several successful businesses including Karate International, Terrydale Printing and finally developer and founder of Computer Dynamics, a nationally-known software estimating program for the printing industry. In addition, Mr. Brooks was the writer and editor of the Who's Who series of American Martial Arts Anthologies. 

Jan Wellendorf was a founding partner of Karate International of North Carolina. Mr. Wellendorf and Mr. Brooks developed a brilliant marketing strategy for business management of door to door sales and home audio study courses. Mr. Brooks stepped down from Karate International to pursue his printing business 1986.

O’Sensei Jan Wellendorf Martial Arts Pioneer

The style of Sanshinkai Karate was developed by Jan Wellendorf, a martial arts instructor, author, business manager, tournament competitor and 10th Degree Black Belt. He began his martial arts study in 1963. He studied Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Okinawan Karate. He is the retired president of the Karate International organization.

Out of his training grew Sanshinkai Karate. Sanshinkai means the "three power society," the three powers of mind, body and spirit. Sanshinkai is an art that teaches a student balance of self. One should strive to develop the body so that it can do the bidding of the mind. One should develop the mind to see what is correct and needed. One should develop the spirit so that it may move the other two forces into action.

The heart of Sanshinkai is the belief that all great techniques contain a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual forces. Each of these forces has three parts, which progress the technique to higher levels of speed, power and timing. The Sanshinkai student is also introduced to abstract training methods rarely found outside the Orient. These have been carefully westernized to aid the student in understanding and balancing the three powers for the perfection of his or her technique and for the elevation of his or her own potential.

The first Karate International School to open in North Carolina was located in Raleigh and still exists as a full time martial arts and fitness facility. Since moving to North Carolina, Karate International has grown to more than 20 schools. We are well-known for our quality of instruction and our ability to keep students motivated and excelling for several years in the martial arts. 

Karate International of Durham

Karate International of Durham was founded in 1980 by Hanshi Jessie Bowen as a Karate International franchise school under the Karate International brand.

Hanshi Bowen spent the first three years of his martial arts study as student, instructor, and competitor. He began teaching the martial arts full time as an instructor for Osensei Wellendorf and built a reputation in sport karate. 

He became known throughout the southeast for his martial arts skills in form, weapons, and fighting. The American Martial Arts Association was the first martial arts organization to offer a business degree in martial arts management. Hanshi Bowen was one of its first graduates. The program was mandatory for anyone wanting to own a Karate International franchise.

Karate International of Durham opened in 1980.  Since opening, Hanshi Bowen has promoted over 400 students to black belt. Hanshi Bowen has been recognized by organizations throughout the country for his contribution to the martial arts.

He was one of the first martial arts instructors to integrate martial arts in sports. He started with Coach Dick Crum football coach at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in the mid 80's. He was also a martial arts performance coach for four seasons under Coach Mack Brown football Coach at UNC, Duke Basketball developing supers stars like Carlos Boozer. 

After winning over 2000 trophies and awards in martial arts competition, Hanshi Bowen believed the next evolution in martial arts performance was in the mind. He is a member of the Internal Mind Game Coaching Association, International Federation of Coaches, Sports Hypnosis Coach, NLP Coach, Silva Life System Seminar facilitator and Life coach. 

Hanshi Bowen learned to apply the principles of martial arts and sports mind game coaching into bowling, winning over 40 amateur titles before becoming a PBA Member (professional Bowlers Association) in 2002. He became the bowling instructor for Duke University and performance coach for NCCU Women's Bowling Team, winning NCCU's first CIAA title.

Osensei Jan Wellendorf sanctioned the advancement of Hanshi Bowen to 10thDegree Black Belt and assigned him the task of creating his own system of martial arts  Aiki-Shinkai KarateAiki meaning is to fit, join or combine energy. Aiki is a Japanese martial arts principle or tactic in which the defender blends (without clashing) with the attacker, then goes on to dominate the assailant through the strength of their application of internal dynamics or Ki energy to affect techniques. Shinkai means opening of uncultivated land, new frontiers. Hanshi Bowen has written 12 books on mind-body personal development training including:   Zen Bowling the Psychology of Better Bowling; The New You Self Discovery System; and Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation Training.

The Zen Mind-Body Mindfulness Meditation Course is taught at Duke University as a physical education course. Today, Karate International of Durham is known for being a black belt leadership academy and a pioneer in personal development training. Karate International of Durham’s training program has been taught at Duke University for over 26 years, influencing thousands of students in mind body training.

As a corporate educator, Hanshi Bowen conducts corporate motivational training for Duke Corporate Education. The program is titled "The Karate Experience – Breaking Through Barriers”.  In 2014 Hanshi Bowen became the coach of Dukes Taekwondo Team, leading Duke University to its first collegiate goal medal. 

Hanshi Bowen's goal in life is to help people transform their current life into the future of their dreams. 


    Talk with the Masters, Interview with Martial Arts Pioneers Jan Wellendorf and Dale Brooks

    Dale Brooks was a self-made man; multiple entrepreneur of several successful businesses, including Karate International, Terrydale Printing and finally developer and founder of Computer Dynamics, a nationally-known software estimating program for the printing industry. In addition, Mr. Brooks was the writer and editor of the Who's Who series of American Martial Arts Anthologies. 

    The American Martial Arts Alliance 

    Special Tribute to Master Dale D. Brooks at the 2009 AMAA Hall of Fame

    September 28, 1938 - December 29, 2013

    Interview with Martial Arts Pioneers Jan Wellendorf and Dale Brooks

    We have as our special guests the founders of Karate International O’Sensei Jan Wellendorf and Dale Brooks. They established the name "Karate International" over 50 years ago making this one of the longest running martial arts programs in the country, promoting over 1100 black belts, and the largest martial arts organization in North Carolina.  

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