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The Power of Black Belt Persistence

01 Aug 2016 1:40 PM | Jessie Bowen (Administrator)

Persistence is the key ingredient to success that many people are missing. Martial arts set you up for success through teaching you the Power of Black Belt Persistence. Those with persistence are able to accomplish amazing things in life. When others give up, they march on.

Do you want to accomplish amazing things? Achieving your Black Belt is amazing, and through that achievement you are learning the exact skills you need to achieve amazing things in the rest of your life.

This story demonstrates how powerful persistence can be in your life. The life that you really want is achievable, if you are persistent.

Diligence: The Key to Accomplishment
By Dr. John C. Maxwell


Earn an advantage

Since the average person lives for the moment, a leader gains ground on the competition by being diligent. When others are slacking or cutting corners, a diligent leader is building a firm foundation for success. By sacrificing temporary pleasure for long-term profitability, a diligent leader stands above the crowd.

The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. The most successful leaders accept no excuses for taking action each day in the direction of their dreams. When energy is low, the diligent forge ahead anyway. When emotions are negative, the diligent rise above their feelings. When obstacles block the path, the diligent climb over them. Through time, discipline promotes the diligent above their peers.

Gain control

When a person's life spirals out of control, it seldom results from a momentary lapse of judgment. Rather, an accumulation of bad decisions lead to a series of negative consequences. For example, look at Michael Vick's predicament. Although blessed with loads of ability, Vick did not diligently surround himself with positive influences, and he ended up sabotaging his career. Instead of enjoying an iconic life as a sports superstar, Vick will be locked behind bars where he will be powerless to control his football future.

The diligent select the life they want to live rather than responding to a life dictated by circumstances. For instance, if a leader wants to retire early and have a secure future, then he or she will diligently save and invest with that goal in mind. If a working father desires to have a healthy family life, then he will prioritize time with his children and find ways to express his love for his wife. The diligent see a desired destination, and they stick to the path that leads there-even when the road is hard.

Win Respect

Leaders draw others to them from the attractiveness of a life well lived. Diligence through time yields results, and those results stand as testament to a leader's character. Followers flock to a profitable leader who has proved his or her worth over an illustrious career.

Similarly, leaders search for talented individuals who consistently demonstrate excellence in their work. Most anyone can have a brilliant moment, but the best workers leave a track record of success by diligently contributing in whichever roles they are given.
Live the life you truly want to live! Black Belt Persistence can take you there!

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